Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Super Legend

Too many, i've got this name of 'Red Devils' army. I wonder, what would you think about them if they already at other football club..i mean, if they never ever be a part of Manchester United? Is it true, Fergie the person who always make them into someone that always called their name in the world..or they already have brilliant skills of football since they born? Every man in 'The Theater of Dreams' always have right decide to put themself in this great team since they joined there. Nobody knows what would happened to them if they never exist into this Football Club. They were young and fresh when first met with "The Bos". They are nobody, haven't famous yet, and lil bit experience in the field that moment. Need took a few time to prepared them into ready for the battle..yeaaah,because they already talent since they were born. Fergie just give a little some 'lucky fire' to make them into football player with brilliant performance. Some of them know how to say 'Thanks' to their bos, but some of them to, don't know how to say that to their bos.

Winning Champion 2008-2009

The One   
Sir.Bobby Charlton
'The King'
Eric Cantona


Paul Ince

Paul Ince

Beckham  ' before he came to La Liga'

Heroes 1999

CR 7 'before he leave us'


Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

The Theater of Dreams

Old Trafford is Man-U. Same like Man-U is Old Trafford. Very charismatic, strong, fierce, and beautiful building. "Glory..glory..glory United" very familiar sound that always echoed from there. A building that always have feel fear for their enemy.. a building where to find horor for each their enemy.. a building to make 'devils' always glory of each match. Haughty building that will always give power devils for every their opponent brought disorder. A lot of dance, music, buzz, and screams to support their teams football when the match took place which make that place like a great theater. Built by Archibald Leitch in 1909th with 80.000 capacity of seats and with a wide field around 110 x 67 meter, the great building was born. With cost of 60,000 pounds. Old Trafford has three terraces on three sides complete with seating and a roof. Opened in 18 Februari 1910.
"Stadium grandest, largest, and most well-known that I have ever seen. There is second to none in the world. It is a pleasure to Manchester where they will create wonders in this place."Sporting Chronicle: Saturday 19th February 1910
At that time, Old Trafford was shocked the world. The building is so handsome, spacious and create a magical atmosphere. Especially when Wembley stadium has not been born and it was built on April 23, 1923. So, Old Trafford became every match important event in the UK, including the FA Cup final. Even in the 1939 final between Wolverhampton opponents Grimsby explosion spectators who got 76,962 people. Even so, Old Trafford, Manchester is also a symbol of pain, also the British people. In World War II, the stadium includes a target by a German bomb. Exactly March 11, 1941. And after that, Old Trafford was renovation.

In 1911 and 1915 FA Cup final held competition and in 1920 the stadium has reached a record number of 70.504 spectators that most people in the game against Aston Villa. The number of spectators ever (76.962 people) when it occurs in the FA Cup semi-final match in 1939 where Portsmouth deal with Grimsby. In the year 1946-1949 will have to borrow cage United Manchester City, Maine Road Stadium for a while. Because Old Trafford were damaged by World War II at that time. Old Trafford has hosted the World Cup event in 1966 and also became the organization of the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Leeds. Old Trafford was the first stadium to introduce a security boundary fence in 1970.
Subsequently, the whole side of the stand roof stadium built, but the model is disrupting the view of the audience stand. Finally in mid-1960, built a modern style stand on the side of the south and east. The new booth design, has a terrace in front and a large section in the back seat. Then all stand side stadium renovation until 1994.
In 1960, 70 and 80 Old Trafford can accommodate 58.000 people more. But in early 1990 after Hillsbrough tragedy, all the top club should have a full seat. Draft Old Trafford in 1960 has now been completed and all sides have the spectator seating. As a result the stadium capacity shrank to 44.000 and it is not commensurate with the popularity of United.
Therefore, in the year 1995-6 giant three-tiered stand is built to the north. Able to accommodate 26.000 so that the total stadium capacity reaches 56.000. Stand next to the North reached an altitude of 200 feet and has four towers and the largest cantilever roof in the European style. The form of this fierce giant tower to make the opponent intimidated. In addition to cost 19 million pounds, there is United's museum consists of three floors (open if no match) and a collection of trophy room (hopefully it will always be full). In addition there is the Red Café and two layers of the sky tower executive who shaped box.
Stand the south is the main stand at Old Trafford, where the manager and substitute, where the committee / television / police control the game, fine dining restaurant and executive suites.
What's interesting is 20 front row seating on all sides of the stand has a height below the soil surface. The southern part is rarely highlighted by television and the north more often highlighted. Formerly the hallway where the entry of players into the stadium was in the middle of this stand, but in 1993 moved to the southeast. The hallway of the old still exists and is usually used for the purposes of the stadium tour.
Stand the eastern part is where fans are rabid fans of United and also where the opponent at the edges. This section is also known as the Scoreboard End. Nicknamed so because there are huge value board prior to the 1960's, then this value was replaced two board electronic board that occupies the northern end of the 2 sides.
The next development is the second level in the eastern part of which was completed in January of 2000, so the capacity increased to 61.000. The outside there are large glass doors that are often found in modern office buildings. There are Sir Matt Busby statue, memorial plaques at the famous Munich and commemorate the tragedy of a plane crash on February 6, 1958. Here also stands the Manchester United Mega Store that sells items for fans.
Western side of the stadium known to many as the legendary Stretford End. Because at that time not yet have a seat stadium, west side is always filled with nearly 20,000 fans who stood up to support United and they are known as the loudest voice in Britain. First ever measured noise level exceeds the audience Jumbo Jet aircraft which took off. Terrace previously overhauled in 1993 and in August of 2000 built second-level terrace and filled the seat, thereby increasing the total capacity of the stadium to be 68.217.
Stand the west is the seat of a family audience and below it is the players dressing rooms / tunnel and lounge. It can also be found stretched banners made United's fans to express support and blasphemed the opposing team. There are also sculptures Denis Law, United striker in 1960 - Law was known as "The King of The Stretford End".

Capacity Development:
1910-1939 : 80.000
1945-1960 : 67.000
1960-1974 : 65.000
1975-1980 : 60.000
1980-1988 : 58.000
1988-1990 : 48.000
1990-1994 : 45.000
1994-1996 : 43.000
1996-1999 : 55.000
2000-2001 : 61.000
2001-2005 : 68.000
2006-....     : 76.212

Old Trafford address at Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 0RA and phone number is +44 (0) 161 868 8000 and fax is +44 (0) 161 868 8868. Light power is 2.500 and Old Trafford status is five stars.

Unique knacks Old Trafford:• The stadium's most lots appeared in movies, among them the Hell Is a City (1960), Billy Liar (1963), and Charlie Bubbles (1968).• The first stadium to build a security fence in anticipation of hooliganism in the 1970s.• From April to November, Old Trafford grass is cut three times a week. December to March is cut once a week.• Below ground installations are 10-inch plastic pipe that supplies hot water to melt the snow that fell onto the grass.

Bobby Charlton feel stadium same like Theater because anthusias of spectators in that stadium very attractive, so..he calls Old Trafford as The Theater of Dreams.

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Manchester United is England Football Club that established in 1878th. Their first name is Newton Heath L&YR FC. In 1903rd, they changed their name into Manchester United FC or what we called now 'MU'. They have basecamp for training and it called Carrington. For home match, they've Old Trafford. MU have 4 costume for match with different colors. First is red and white color, second is white and black color, third is black and black color, and last is purple and purple color. For the last one, they too rarely use it. Manchester United have won 18th Premiere League, 11th FA cup, 3rd Champions League, and 1st Intercontinental Club cup. in 1999, they success 'treble', they won Premiere League, FA cup, and also Champions League. What a great year for them!!! They beat Munchen in crisis time last minutes in Champion's match, they with Arsenal chase each other in last seasons of that year, they beat Newcastle in FA cup.. great ooh years. They always play short pass with fast, and one two or 'tik-tak' ball and suddenly occasionally long pass. Their player have incredible speed because mostly MU players is young and they trained for that. MU have also bad memories in Munchen. Their aeroplane was crush after agains Red Star Belgrade in quarter final champions league 1958. After that, Old Trafford was cry and very sorrow because that tragedy. MU don't need time to recover, in 1964-1965 seasons premiere league they won.. and they become new super MU. MU have sponsorship from years to years, they are Sharp, Vodafone, AIG, and AON. They are rich sponsorship. Many great player born from Manchester United such as Bobby Charlton, Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, and many more. Most of them still young and their talent weren't going out yet when they joined with MU. I will discuss about Old Trafford, Sponsorship, MU superstar, and etc next time.

Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

Amazing Night

                       Sorry Munchen.. we've got you on '99. Sheringham and Ole were wonderfull that night. I'm pretty sure that i must be worried when Basler got score. Indeed, Munchen too control half field on that final, but we could handle on last minutes.. hehe! What Fergie supposed to do when "The Hollywood" control that game is create freekick, and corner kick to anticipate Manchester United from lose or to pressure Munchen's attack. I must confess, Munchen's ball position better than Ferguson's boys. But Ferguson stay calm and trust with his boys. He did well, Sheringham and Ole well, Beckham well, and everybody in MU were happy in 1999. I love "Red Devil", they got control.

Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

I like this Part

          I cannot imagine when this club get the big scores on that night..haha bravo.. should Fergie give permission CR7 into Los Galacticos? depend Nani i think.. sometimes good sometimes doesn't play (that is Nani). When he get on fire on the field, Nani could replace Ronaldo's position.. he could play the ball with his foot. Any way, that night is amaze for Old Trafford,hahaa..xD i hope they can do like that in every match..just hope, hehe any way i like this part.

Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010

The Reason Love Red Devil

I don't know what i want to type into my blog..i  just know about that i want to share all the words in my mind to every great human in the world........(you guuuuys!!!!), sorry, i'm just little excited about this,hehe..x) oh yeah by the way last match yesterday is bad luck for MU hah?! i hope they won, but they didn't,'s ok next match we'll win. When i woke up this early morning, i was thingking about Man U and Alex. I took some Honey to drank it and feels about Red Devils. Alex has been training MU since 1986th..pretty long time huh?! That year, i haven't born yet to this world i think no one coach have ever train to their club as long as Alex do. I so pride with him because he is loyal to MU about 14th years..and he still has spirit to train them.What a great man! Also he has a capability to train young team to change them into great football players. Alex doesn't like to buy some great players from other club. He would like to train some young man or player that have no skill football or average skill. Often he looks from Manchester United's school to get young player that have trained with MU's school before then he would give train to that player if Alex feels those kid have talent. Sometimes, he would love to bought young players from other club..for this case, if he feels those kid have talent. If they r no talent, Alex didn't offer negotiation to buy them. But for now, he'll begin to change his train style..he bought some great player such as Berbatov,Tevez (now going to Manchester City) and also Saha. Doesn't like other clubs in Europe, Man U always give education to their young players and give them to trust, meanwhile other club bought some great player and then trash them..bought great player and trash them..bought great player and trash them when they r get old. Sometimes other clubs search young player from their academy to get them into first team..but sometimes. They often bought great players from other clubs. But MU is totally different. The old players MU still play.. they are  from young team, but now.. they are legend who still playing for their loyal club.